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Dekmantel x RE:VIVE - Scores

In collaboration for Dekmantel Festival 2018, The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative and Dekmantel teamed up for the second time to invite four local artists to breathe new life into 4 archival films from the Sound & Vision and Eye Filmmuseum archives.


Jordan GCZ, Suzanne Kraft, Parrish Smith and upsammy were all assigned short animated films dating back to 1921. The films and their new scores were debuted at Eye on August 2nd as part of the festival. Unsurprisingly, each artist imparted their unique styles onto the films that they previously had no relation with. From Suzanne Krafts sparse atmospherics that have become more apparent in his new SK U KNO project to Jordan GCZ’s free flowing hardware jams. Parrish Smith showed his contemplative and sparseness that he demonstrated on his RE:VIVE release Genesis Black, a sonic departure from his bombastic releases and DJ-sets while upsammy showed her deft hand for melody and texture, a style that dominates all her releases to date.

These four scores live apart from their films, fitting seamlessly into each artists’ growing catalogs of work. But when combined it’s as if the films and music were made simultaneously with the artist and filmmaker together in the same room. Dekmantel and RE:VIVE are proud to present these new works as the electronic music scene in The Netherlands continues to show its multifaceted talent that continues to expand far beyond the dance floor. The new music is available via Dekmantel on LP and digitally at:

Uit het rijk der kristallen, J.C. Mol, 1927 (provided by Eye Filmmuseum)

upsammy - Uit het rijk der kristallen, J.C. Mol, 1927 (provided by Eye Filmmuseum)

Uit het rijk der kristallen is a scientific films made ​​by Jan Cornelius Mol. The film depicts timelapses of different crystallization processes of various chemicals filmed through a microscope. While several versions of the film exist, upsammy composed for the breathtaking color version of the film that was made ​​using Dufaycolor. The film, while important for the educational and scientific communities became an avant-garde staple and marked a turning point for Mol’s future films.

Parrish Smith - Lichtspiel: Opus II, III, IV Walter Ruttmann, 1921

Lichtspiel: Opus by Walter Ruttmann is considered to be one of the first if not the very first avant-garde animated film. For Opus, Ruttmann -originally a painter- used oil paints on glass plates placed under an animation camera. He shot a frame after each brush stroke or change to the glass. He then integrated geometric shapes onto an additional layer of glass and chemically altered the negatives to add color. During World War Two, Ruttmann went on to work with Leni Riefenstahl on her Nazi propaganda films. He died from wounds suffered as a war photographer on the frontlines.

Prélude28, Vladimir Murtin, 1975

Suzanne Kraft - Prélude28, Vladimir Murtin, 1975

Vladimir Murtin was born in Prague and during the Prague Spring of 1969, fled to The Netherlands. An amateur filmmaker, Murtin mostly worked with Super 8 films. Prélude28 is one of his only experimental films. For the film he used marbles, water droplets and liquid pigmentations. The result is a collage of color and movement that far exceeds its modest production means.

Jordan gcz - Sosoon, Georges Singer, 1974

Sosoon is a computer animation film from 1974 by Georges Singer, produced by Dutch filmmaker, Nico Crama. Made with assistance from the Computer Research Group at the University of Toronto, Sosoon is a visual stunner of simple morphing lines that fluidly variates between 2 and 3 dimensions.