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Assignment or presentation?

Have to give a presentation or write a paper on Dutch radio and television, media history or Sound & Vision? We have made an overview of the places where you can find more information in English. We unfortunately don't have special information packages, but these sources should help you on your way.

Exterior picture of Sound & Vision at night, but lid up

About Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision manages an archive with a growing collection of more than one million hours of radio, television, film and music. More than a million photographs and thousands of objects from the media history of the Netherlands. We ensure that everything is preserved and that you can search in this enormous amount of material. For that search, and especially to make sure that you can find something, everything we keep is described as well as possible. This used to be done manually, nowadays it's done more and more automatically, for example with computer programs that work with automatic speech and face recognition. In addition to traditional media such as radio and television, we also preserve web video, websites and video games.

In addition to this archive, Beeld & Geluid also has a museum: the Experience. There you can learn more about the media and our collection in an interactive exhibition in which you discover what media does with and to you ... and what you do with media.

In May 2017, Sound & Vision merged with the Press Museum. Sound & Vision programs a wide range of exhibitions and events about media and journalism. The International Institute of Social History (IISH) manages the collection of the former Press Museum.

Glass panelling of Sound & Vision

Our storytelling platform contains stories about the interaction between people, media and society. In our blogs you can learn more about everything that happens in Sound & Vision, from museum and presentations to research. These are however written for professionals, so the blogs can be hard for beginners.

Want to know more about Sound & Vision? On our website you can find everything about our history, what we do and who works here. You can also find a lot of information about our colourful building. We also made this short movie which explains what we do.

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