At Sound and Vision, we want to make our collection available to everyone. So we experiment, research and collaborate in national and international projects to find new and innovative ways to do just that. Here’s a list of projects we’re working on or have worked on in the past.


Lakker - Struggle and Emerge

The RE:VIVE initiative brings together archives and artists to create new, meaningful material out of and inspired by the abundance of materials the reside in archives.

Talking You Through

In 'Talking You Through:Traffic Information and Car Radio, 1950s-now' research is done into the historical and contemporary use of radio in traffic in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands from 1950 until now.

Migration in the Arts and Sciences


The project 'Migration in the Arts and Sciences' is linked to the creation of a thematic collection about migration to, from and within Europe and the effects migration has had on European culture.


CLARIAH header

CLARIAH is a national project to develop a digital infrastructure to link large amounts of data and software from various humanities disciplines together and make them digitally searchable.



AVEROS develops a scalable, automated video enhancement and restauration service in the cloud.



CogNovo is an innovative PhD programme to foster research training in the emerging field of cognitive innovation.

Immersive journalism and the engaging audience

The research project 'Immersive journalism and the engaging audience' researches to what extent emotional involvement of news consumers in journalistic productions can influence the public function of journalistic organisations.


ReTV researches novel solutions for broadcasters and their content partners to publish their material on multiple media channels with the effort, adjusted to the target audience.

The Bridge Hilversum

Within the project an installation with a minimum of three interactive screens on different locations in Hilversum is realised.

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