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Sound & Vision is active in various national and international networks in which making a contribution to the sustainability and accessibility of digital heritage collections is central. Below you can read which networks we are involved in and what our role is within these networks.

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Sound & Vision is the secretary of AVA_Net, a network organisation for audiovisual collection holders in the Netherlands. The network emerged from a need for a form of central knowledge-sharing within which audiovisual archives of all sizes could advise and support each other. AVA_Net strengthens the position of audiovisual heritage and offers a (knowledge) platform. The network is a representative reflection of all the sectors within which AV heritage is managed and made available. The organisations in the network are specifically supported in the field of management and outreach of audiovisual heritage. AVA_Net is active online via the website, and organises an annual symposium and various webinars.

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Digital Heritage Network

Within the Digital Heritage Network, we work together to develop a system of national facilities and services to improve the visibility, usability and sustainability of digital heritage. Within this infrastructure, five institutions fulfill a hub function for the rest of the institutions in the country; the National Library, the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Dutch National Archives, the Cultural Heritage Agency and the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision. These organisational hubs can make national arrangements for linking and for jointly developing and managing technical facilities. From this role, Sound & Vision makes an active contribution to the sustainability and accessibility of digital heritage collections, in particular of audiovisual content.

Digital Heritage Network

National Networks

In the Netherlands, also many other large and small institutions operate in the audiovisual domain. And then there are still a lot of institutions and organizations that are not primarily focused on the audiovisual, but are involved in heritage and archiving, digitization, sustainability, access, collections, et cetera. Often, forces are bundled into networks and partnerships. Here you find a selection.

International Networks

At the same time, national boundaries are becoming less and less relevant when managing and providing access to digital heritage. That is why different organizations and networks have been established worldwide.