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Collection for media professionals

Sound & Vision manages one of the largest archives in the world. This rich and growing archive material is available for use in new productions.

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Sound & Vision focuses on collecting and preserving most of the audio-visual heritage of the Netherlands. Our collection is extremely suitable and accessible for reuse and is a unique source of information for students, academics, journalists, international production companies and broadcasting organisations.

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Footage from our archive is used in many television and film productions. See a few examples in our showreel.

DAAN, our digital catalogue

A connection to Sound & Vision’s digital catalogue DAAN is available for professionals in the media and science industry for a small monthly fee of € 30. This allows media professionals to browse, watch and license materials from our extensive library.

User terms and conditions DAAN connection (Dutch)

Happy to help

As a maker or professional, you can also search for footage from the collection without a connection to DAAN, for example via

We are happy to help you in ordering excerpts or complete programmes. When you're planning to use found material in your professional production, please contact our Customer Service. If you know exactly which fragment (title, broadcast date, time codes) you want to use, you can submit the request form below.

Licenses and services

Costs for technology and services are charged to professional orders for re-use. In addition, there are licensing fees depending on the intended use. These costs are defined in consultation with the entitled party, to whom we transfer the license fees. 

Our experts are ready to help you with more complex searches through our extensive archive, or when there is an extra urgency involved in obtaining the footage. If desired, we can provide the material with subtitles.

Ask our Customer Service about the expected level of licensing costs or special rates for the extra services.


Customer Service
For all questions regarding re-use.
E (Monday - Friday, 8.30 am - 5.30 pm CET) 

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Free re-use on Open Images

On Open Images you can view and download a small part of the Sound & Vision collection for free. This material can be re-used free of charge because it’s part of the public domain or because it has been made available by the copyright holders under a Creative Commons-license. In this license, a number of conditions may be attached to the re-use such as a mandatory name or only the use in non-commercial communications.


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