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About Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision takes you on a journey to experience, learn, research and enjoy the way we live in media. We are here for everyone: individual visitors, professional media makers, students, teachers, scientists and journalists.

Beeld & Geluid building

Sound & Vision manages one of the largest digitalized media archives in the world. Packed with (among others) radio, television, YouTube videos, objects, written press, podcasts and games. We preserve our daily growing media collection as cultural heritage for eternity. At the same time, we closely follow all movements of the global media landscape. Our starting point in everything we do is the importance of free media for our democracy.

We shed light on current affairs from a media-historical perspective. We show how you use media to tell your story, but we also show the influence of media on your personal life and on society. We do this in various ways; online and in our museums in Hilversum and The Hague. We organize numerous public activities, debates and lectures for young and old at both locations. We offer schools a wide range of media literacy workshops and we encourage academic and journalistic research.

We work with a large number of partners, such as creative media makers, appealing experts, national and international universities, committed companies and high-profile influencers. This way, we contribute to an open, free, inclusive and media-wise society.

Sound & Vision in The Hague

Sound & Vision in The Hague

Two locations, one perspective

Sound & Vision wants to contribute to the interpretation and experience of the importance of freedom of information and media in the broadest sense of the word. The activities in Hilversum and in The Hague are designed from this perspective.

Sound & Vision Hilversum

At the Media Park in Hilversum, visitors experience how we live in media. By showing how media develop and by providing insight in how this affects our lives. We make visitors aware that they are not only consumers, but also producers and influencers. We do this through the museum, education, debates, research and through our growing archive full of radio, television, written press, video content and games. We work intensively with creative media makers and companies that use the archive for a variety of productions.

Sound & Vision The Hague

The Hague, the city where (international) news is made daily, is the place to learn to critically consider political news provision. Together with our audience, we investigate the role media play in our democracy and how they can contribute to an open and free society. Logical and current themes in The Hague as "City of Peace and Justice". In our museum, the power play between politicians, journalists and interest groups, citizens and media is central. We host exhibitions and debates and we develop workshops. As in Hilversum, we consciously strengthen the ties with media makers, with a special focus on professionals in the journalistic domain.

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The 'canyon': a look at the depots from floor -3

The 'canyon': a look at the depots from floor -3


Sound & Vision is a foundation, established in 1997 and registered in the municipality of Hilversum. The foundation exercises a task regulated by the Media Act and is funded through revenues from levies set by law.

ANBI status

Sound & Vision has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a Cultural Public Benefit Institution (ANBI - RSIN 804548535). The status of cultural ANBI gives donors the opportunity to make use of the tax benefits of the Donation Act.

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