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Mission and Vision

Sound and Vision is the institute for media culture; an inspiring, creative and accessible meeting place for private individuals and professionals.


Sound and Vision wants to improve everyone’s life in and through media by archiving, exploring and clarifying that media. Paramount to this is the freedom of thought and expression in text, image and sound.


Media is an integral part of the world we live in. Everyone has their own media personality. In 2025, Sound and Vision will be the guardian of and leading institute for journalistic and media archiving and interpretation. Paramount to this are the key democratic value of freedom of expression in text, image and sound, and its creation and communication. To this end, Sound and Vision will actively promote its extensive collection and open it up as much as possible, for everyone – from professionals to individuals. To inspire them and to help them excel. In this way, Sound and Vision will help to build a more media-savvy world.

To achieve this, it will seek as much collaboration as possible and take the lead where necessary. Through its building, its collection and its museum, it will do everything in its power to create free thinking in media. Sound and Vision sees the broadcasters, scientists, government, politicians educators, heritage organisations, public libraries, business community and creative industry as key partners in making this a success.

Foto: Diego Rosero


In our strategy for 2016-2020, we present our themes and ambitions for the Institute. 

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