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One national institute for the preservation, provision and presentation of the national audiovisual heritage. It may sound obvious, but it isn’t. The realization that audiovisual collections are significant and part of the national cultural heritage has in fact only recently taken on in society.

Our 'Wall of fame' in Sound & Vision, with (award winning) media personalities on various glass plates

One organization providing an integral overview of media history and current media affairs, press and journalism, and also taking care of the press and media collections in the Netherlands.

It was not until 1995 that the Cabinet, advised by the Vonhoff Committee, decided to set up a national institute with a special responsibility in this area. In 1997, this decision resulted in the creation of the Dutch Audiovisual Archive by merging the audiovisual archive center of the Dutch public broadcasting organization, the film archive of the RVD, the Dutch film and science foundation and the broadcasting museum in the Netherlands. In 2006, Sound & Vision opened a new, colorful building on the Media Park in which knowledge, museum and archive functions were brought together under a new name.

In 2017 the Dutch Press museum merged with Sound & Vision. This is how one organization was formed, covering history and current affairs of the media, press and journalism, and taking care of the management and further development of the press and media collections in the Netherlands.