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Note: event has ended

Nieuws of Nonsens: #demediamindfuck

Fake news! Filter bubbles! Everybody is a journalist! The impact of the daily news stream is bigger than ever before. In Nieuws of Nonsens (News or Nonsense) you discover who influences the news and what news really means to you. Let it confuse you! And come out wiser… Please note: this exhibition is in Dutch only, with no translations available.

Attention: you can no longer visit this exhibition. 

What is news and what does it mean to you? Let this exhibition confuse you, see who influences the news, play the news game or create your own clickbait.

Nieuws of Nonsens: #demediamindfuck is made possible thanks to the participants of the BankGiro Loterij. Samsung contributes to the creation of this exhibition


Compete with other visitors in the news arena. Manipulate the news as a professional troll, a journalist or a politician and unmask the roles of the other players! !

Pop your filterbubble

Swipe left on fake news and let Eva Cleven and Lex Uiting pilot you out of your filter bubble, create your own clickbait and analyze your own news consumption.