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Primary education

Media is everywhere, on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and television to name a few, it changes throughout the years but remains an integral part of our society. What is the purpose of media in the lives of our students? Are they critical thinkers where the media is concerned? Sound & Vision at School offers workshops regarding this very theme: media literacy, within our museums as well as in the classrooms at your school.

Child interviewing presentor of the Jeugdjournaal


Bring your class to the Institute for Sound & Vision in Hilversum or The Hague! At Sound & Vision you can dive into the world of media by following the best workshops on media literacy!

What's the difference between fake news and disinformation? How does visual language work? How do journalists go about reporting the news? The workshops for primary education also address important topics related to media literacy.


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The workshops can be booked from Monday to Friday. Have you got any questions? We're glad to help you!

T 035 – 677 5444 (Monday to Friday 09.00 - 17.00)