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The Art of Advertising

Online, on television, on the radio and on the street; advertisements are everywhere! In this workshop we teach students the tricks of the trade. The students learn to recognise how the advertisers manage to catch our attention and use that to create their own visual advertisement.

Icoon met een banaan die met tape vastgeplakt is om reclame te symboliseren

Advertisers use all kinds of tricks to catch your attention and make you long for a product you didn’t even know existed! Sometimes their tricks are transparent and obvious but sometimes they are subtle and cleverly effective. In this workshop your students will learn about the tricks of the trade in an interactive and playful manner, discovering different types of influencing techniques, which they will then use to create their very own advertisement. 


  • Introduction to advertising
  • Understanding the tricks of the trade
  • Make your own billboard
  • Film your own advertisement
  • Conclusion and discussion
Leerlingen filmen in oranje gang bij Beeld & Geluid

Practical information

  • Suitable for: primary education starting at (NL) group 5/6, (UK) year 4/5, (US) grade 3/4
  • Costs: €250 per class (for workshop at school additional travel costs apply)
  • Location: this workshop is available in our museums in Hilversum and The Hague as well as on location such as your school or library. 
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Group size: maximum 30 students
  • Preparation: download the guide for school supervisors
Download the guide

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