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Roeland Ordelman

Roeland Ordelman


From 2015 Roeland Ordelman has fully focused on his work at Sound and Vision and the University of Twente, where he is working as main researcher language and speech technology. At Sound and Vision he coordinates the R&D development team (O-team), LABS, and the development of the CLARIAH Media Suite, part of the Dutch infrastructure for researchers in the Humanities. At the UT, he works on topics at the intersection of spoken interaction and search ("spoken conversational search"), including through robots.

He has worked in various research and innovation projects on topics such as making AV accessible, multimodal search, video hyperlinking and recommendation, web archiving, user research and organizing international benchmarks.

After his Master's degree in Phonetics at Utrecht University, Roeland Ordelman obtained his doctorate in 2003 at the University of Twente with his research on searching audiovisual content using automatic speech recognition. From 2008 to 2015, Roeland was owner of the company Cross-Media Interaction (X-MI), which develops speech technology.


☏ 035- 677 1814
✐ @roelandordelman