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John Leek

John Leek

John Leek is responsible for the development of strategic partnerships for the further development of Sound and Vision.

He developed the educational concepts for the first Sound and Vision Experience (opening 2006) and was head of education until 2016. At the moment he is also involved in the total renovation of the Sound and Vision media museum (opens fall 2022). In 2016, he and Michael Spendel developed a unique collaboration with Google / YouTube that led, among other things, to the world's first exhibition about YouTube. In 2019 he was a quartermaster and program manager a.i. for the Alliance Digital Society (Alliantie Digitaal Samenleven), aimed at achieving digital inclusion in the Netherlands, where he is now a steering committee member.

In 2020 John started as PhD-candidate at Vrije Universiteit on the topic 'purpose driven platform ecosystems', focused on the (im-)possibilities for public organizations, including museums, to create and capture value while participating there.


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