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The “Stories of AV Archives” Podcast

In honour of the 2018 Unesco World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the AV Think Tank - an international group of experts from the audiovisual and sound archiving community and digital culture professionals initiated by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision - are releasing the first episode of their new podcast series Stories of AV Archives.

Bill Thompson and Rachel Somers Miles

Hosted by Bill Thompson, Principal Engineer in BBC R&D and Rachel Somers Miles, Academic Research Partnership Development and AV Think Tank Coordinator of Sound and Vision, Stories of AV Archives seeks to make the work of AV Archives important, familiar and interesting to those not necessarily embedded within our professional communities, but also engage listeners who are active practitioners in the field by speaking to and sharing their stories, ideas, issues, challenges and inspirations. The series speaks to listeners on both sides by sharing experiences from within the field, and by championing the importance of this work by making it relevant to an audience that perhaps is unaware of what's at stake in sound and moving image archiving and the ways in which this work impacts and comes in contact with their daily lives.


The first episode (see above) jumps right in, introducing the new series and speaking with a number of the members of the AV Think Tank about their perceptions on the significance of AV archives and the work done within them.

Following this introduction episode, the podcast will transform into its official shape of each episode being focused around a specific theme through interviews. These themes will be explored through sharing experiences and stories through conversations with professionals within the field of sound and moving archiving and digital culture, and other important practitioners who rub up against the work done here such as filmmakers, musicians, artists, activists, educators and historians to name a few.   

Stories of AV Archives is always interested in the input of the AV archiving community, so please feel free to share themes you’d like covered or people you’d like to see interviewed by emailing