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The Media Museum

Hooray, the most interactive Media Museum of the world is open to the public! Discover the influence of media in a unique personal experience. Please note: our museum is in Dutch and advised age is 8+.

Decorative: picture of the 'tune-in' room
Media reactor

A personal museum experience

We've reopened as a super modern, unique and inspiring Media Museum in Hilversum. The very first museum in the world that continuously adapts to the visitor's actions in a unique, inspiring and cheerful way. 

Your experience in the museum will be like how we deal with media today: highly personal. To achieve this, we provide a personalized visitor journey. Each visitor gets to see their own story. Upon arrival, you create a profile for your age, locality, interests and media preferences. The longer you walk around, watch and appreciate, the closer you get to your own media personality. What you see feels like it has been put together especially for you. Your view on media is becoming increasingly personal: what do I do with media and what does it do with me? 

During a visit you can interact with other visitors and with our interactives. Along the way you can collect digital souvenirs that you can take home. 


Practical information

We tell our story from a Dutch perspective and enriched with a lot of Dutch content. That is why all our signing, the app and interaction is only (available) in Dutch. 

We recommend:

  • Knowledge of the Dutch language
  • Age advice: 8 years and older. 
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