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Winter School for Audiovisual Archiving

Each year, Sound and Vision organises the Winter School for Audiovisual Archiving, a four-day one-of-a-kind training that provides participants the practical knowledge to design and implement a preservation plan for their audiovisual collections.

Winterschool for Audiovisual Archiving

Sebastiaan ter Burg, CC BY 2.0

The Winter School is about practical knowledge: we start with the basis for digital preservation of audiovisual materials and finish with mapping participants' own insights and policy on conserving them. Topics we will discuss during the  Winter School include:

  • Digital preservation planning
  • Digital sustainability and the risks involved
  • Applying the OAIS model for audiovisual collections
  • Ingest and acquisition
  • File formats en data management
  • Data storage and migration
Winter School 2020