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GAME ON! is a research project with the central research question: “How can computergames be archived in a durable way and be presented in a museum context?”


GAME ON! analyses the entire archival trajectory, from the inflow to making it accessible. It is a practice-driven research with the focus on a small corpus of Dutch games from the 1980s and 1990s. Main results from the research are (1) a corpus of durably stored video games, (2) a temporary exhibition at Sound and Vision, (3) an evaluation of the exhibition and (4) a white paper including recommendations for future research. The project is embedded in the Utrecht Center for Game Research, which is one of the focus areas of the University of Utrecht.

Simultaneous to the research project, Sound and Vision takes the lead to constitute a national agenda for archiving video games in 2016, together with several Dutch stakeholders.

The project is funded by the NWO programme Museum Grants.