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Willem Melder

Willem Melder


Willem Melder has been working at Sound and Vision since November 2008 as an Interoperability and Linked Open Data Expert at the Knowledge and Innovation department. Currently, he is backend developer of a cross media search environment within CLARIAH. He is also a member of the OpenSKOS expert group and a member of the NDE architecture working group. In collaboration with the University of Twente he is working on the searchability of the audiovisual archive of Sound and Vision through the application of automatic speech recognition on radio broadcasts.

Previously, Willem was involved in improving the searchability of audiovisual archives by, for instance, converting radio broadcasts to text with speech recognition. He also worked as a software engineer involved in projects on affective computing and speech and speaker recognition at TNO Human Factors. Before that he worked as project manager at Voice Data Bridge, a company specializing in telephone number information services. In 2001, Willem co-founded Vocalibur Language & Speech Technology BV, a company specializing in spoken dialogue systems. Until 2001, Willem worked as a speech technology expert at Comsys International.

In 1999 he graduated in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at the Utrecht University with a study on spoken dialogue systems at the Phonetics department.


☏ +31 35 677 1859
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