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Lenca Molleman

Lenca Molleman in front of the coloured glass windows of Sound & Vision

In December 2020 Lenca Molleman started as Project Leader of the Content Team New Museum. In this position she manages the Content Team, which has the wonderful and challenging task of researching, clearing and producing all content for the new museum.

In 2009 she started as Specialist Marketing for the museum of Sound & Vision. For years she was responsible for campaigns for the Sound & Vision experience, various exhibitions, events and programming. Since 2014 Lenca has focused on project management. She was involved in the Top 2000 as project manager for 7 years and as project manager of Dutch Media Week for three years. Other projects include the merger with the Press Museum, the exhibitions "Let's YouTube" and "Nieuws of Nonsens", and the new website launched at the end of 2017.