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In September 2015, over 200 delegates from around the globe attended the first international SOIMA conference. There, they jointly defined a ten-year vision for audiovisual archives.

To celebrate the 2015 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the SOIMA community invited the wider audiovisual archive world to provide their feedback on this vision, and how to reach it. This year, on the very same World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we're proud to present the Selected Readings from the 2015 conference!

SOIMA: Unlocking Sound and Image Heritage is available now and free to download. The book offers tips and advice from dedicated professionals from all corners of the world for the preservation and creative use of sound and image heritage. As a resource, it aims to interest collectors, users and educators alike, as it offers compelling examples and strategies founded in evidence-based research. 

Its authors, who come from fifteen different countries and institutional contexts, explore the diversity of sound and image collections, and highlight innovative, creative and cost-effective strategies for coping with constant technological change and meagre resources. 

Published jointly by ICCROM (organizers of the SOIMA training programme) and KIK-IRPA (hosts of the 2015 conference), it is now freely available as a resource on the PrestoCentre Library under a Creative Commons license. Dig in for yourself at: