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Impact metrics: going viral with animated GIFs

This year we commissioned GIF artist Kiszkiloszki (Kajetan Obarski) to make animated GIFs based on our openly licensed archival footage. He created three witty GIFs with old CC-BY-SA licensed Polygoon newsreels taken from our Open Images platform:

Creator: Kajetan Obarski (Kiszkiloszki). Source material: Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision (curator). Licence: CC BY-SA

We wrote this blog about it and Kiszkiloszki also shared the GIFs via his social media channels. It has now been over 3 months ago. Time to look at some numbers on the impact they made:


Through Facebook our GIFs were seen 200,000 times, on Instagram about 5,000 times and on the Giphy platform we reached 250,000 page views - that’s not including the times the GIFs were requested through Giphy integrations on other websites.Through Facebook about 1,600 people clicked through to Open Beelden to the source video of the GIF. All in all we can safely say the images reached half a million people, if not more.

Kajetan has also entered one of the GIFs in the TheGifers competition. Needless to say, we’re very happy with these results!

What’s next?

To promote the use of Open Images as an open source for animated GIFs, we have converted our Giphy BengLabs account to an official Brand Channel. This means all the GIFs we upload there are indexed and accessible through the Giphy API. Any user searching for our tags can discover and share our content easily through applications that make use of a Giphy search feature: Slack, Outlook, FB Messenger, Telegram, and more. Giphy is happy to promote original content that is added to their collection, and we are happy to make GIFs of our archive that will help people communicate and share interesting images like this one:

Source material: Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision (curator). Licence: CC BY-SA

Thanks Giphy!

More information

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