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Iets Nieuws: Are you a great newscaster?

In the context of the Observe project and Lukas Hulsbergen's thesis, we developed the interactive game/web toy Iets Nieuws. In the game participants are asked to do voiceovers for Sound & Vision's Open Images videos. One player takes on the role of a newscaster, while the other player remixes news footage. Based on this players' performance, he/she is presented an achievement screen.

Because of the limited game explanation, players created their own style of play leading to emergent gameplay. An experiment was done to examine whether players experience the relationship between each other when playing the game in the presence of an audience as competitive or cooperative. The results of the observations during the experiment and feedback through a questionnaire show that the subjects saw the other player as a team player and not as an opponent.

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This blog was originally published on Victor de Boer's blog