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The archive inspires at Amsterdam Dance Event

Image: ADE

After the success of RE:VIVE and SAE Institute Amsterdam’s Conceptual Sampling Workshop during Amsterdam Dance Event the two initiatives have teamed up again for a day of challenging and eye-opening activities re-using archival material at ADE’s Great Test Lab.

On Saturday October 21 from 12:00 - 19:00 join RE:VIVE and SAE at De Brakke Grond for two hands on tutorials Build Your Own Kick Drum and Endless Loops that are guaranteed to push your skills as a technical producer and unlock your creativity.  

Build Your Own Kick is a critical listening and sound design tutorial. You’ll be asked to listen to multiple archival field recordings and determine which has the sonic properties to carve out that monstrous kick drum you’ve been searching for. We’ll also show you the tips and tricks you need to make it. You’ll never use preset kick drums ever again after this.  

Endless Loops is an on-the-fly creative sprint. We’ll set you up with a real short GIF and you’ll have just three channels to write a wild loop that not only ties into the video but builds upon it, composing a sonic and visual loop for others to get lost in. 

After it’s all over we’ll be sure to share everything that was made that day including an epic kick-drum sample pack. 

This event is only open for ADE Card holders. 

More info available here.