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The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is a leading knowledge institute in the field of media culture and AV archiving. We initiate research that makes our media heritage available and searchable. We follow relevant innovations in media archiving, participate in research projects and experiment with new technology. We work together with scientists and heritage professionals. We share knowledge and experience in national and international networks.

Knowledge themes

We organize our knowledge about media culture and av archiving in themes: Digitizing, Digital Preserving, Metadata, Acces en Users, Collection, and Media Literacy. Discover what these themes mean and what we do with them.

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Network Digital Heritage and AVA_Net

Sound and Vision is the hub for the AV and media sector within the Network Digital Heritage. As such, we want to make an active contribution to the sustainability and accessibility of digital heritage collections, in particular of audiovisual content. For this purpose, we are the coordinator of AVA_Net. This is a network organisation for audiovisual collection holders in the Netherlands. The network strengthens the position of audiovisual heritage and offers a (knowledge) platform.

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cover of trendmonitor research 2020

Trend Monitor Audiovisual Collections

In 2016 Sound and Vision started the TrendMonitor Audiovisual Collections in the Netherlands, a recurring study within the AV and media sector into trends and developments in the field of digitisation and conservation, policy priorities, knowledge needs, available facilities, budgets, challenges and bottlenecks. The results of the TrendMonitor survey give direction to the activities of Sound and Vision and of AVA_Net, the knowledge network of audiovisual collection owners in the Netherlands. They also serve as a sample card and gauge for the health and availability of the sounds and moving images that form our national memory. For the long term, the TrendMonitor is an essential part of the interpretation of the National Strategy Digital Heritage and the position of the audiovisual collections within it. 

The last TrendMonitor survey dates from 2020. Click on the button and take a look at the various studies through the years.



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