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Marjolein Steeman

Marjolein Steeman

Marjolein Steeman is working on various projects in the area of preservation and metadata. She develops and implements preservation plans for new formats and archive services.

Marjolein has been working at Sound & Vision for over 10 years. She studied information science at VU University Amsterdam and worked for years as an expert in data analysis and data management. Among other things, she has worked to secure various catalogs that came to Sound & Vision via merger partners or depositors.

From 2017, Marjolein is part of the Verkennen Department, where she is responsible for the preservation policy of Sound & Vision. She is also a member of the Editorial Committee of PREMIS, the data standard for preservation metadata. In addition to the certification as a sustainable archive (CTS), the ISO certificate for information security (27001) also falls under her care.


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