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Arnoud Goos

Arnoud Goos in front of the coloured windows of Sound & Vision

Arnoud Goos is Product Manager Archive. After a bachelors and masters program in Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University, an internship at EYE Filmmuseum and a Masters program in Media and Journalism at the Erasmus University, Arnoud started working at Sound & Vision in 2012 for the large-scale digitization program Images for the Future. Among other things, he worked as project coordinator on various digitization projects for film, VHS, audio tapes and shellac records. From 2015 he works as a coordinator at the Ingest department and is responsible for digitization and web archiving. Within the Network Digital Heritage Arnoud was previously project leader for the Coordination of web archiving project and is now a member of the domain group Sustainable. As Product Manager Archive, Arnoud is responsible for offering (the technical infrastructure of) the Sound & Vision archive to third parties. This includes, among other things, the sustainable archiving of AV material as a service, digitization of physical carriers and links to the collection.