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Make a Scene!

Visual stories often appeal to the imagination more than spoken or written language and thereby influence our view of the world. But how is this kind of story actually made? Students are introduced to five elements of screenplay, learning how to speak the language of storytelling and film their own scene using all five elements.


The telling of stories is thousands of years old. In the 20th and 21st centuries storytelling is more than ever a visual medium, we tell our stories through movies, screenplays, theatre, television and YouTube videos. With this visual and often digital element comes a visual language. Filmmakers of all kinds use this language to tell their visual story and evoke a feeling from the audience. Rather than stating how someone feels, we can show the audience how someone feels, using camera positioning, míse-en-scéne, editing and a soundtrack. This workshop teaches students how to understand and speak the language of visual storytelling.

Leerlingen werken samen achter een computer

Practical information

  • Suitable for: secondary education
    (differentiated to age and level)
  • Costs:  €275 per class (for workshop at school additional travel costs apply)
  • Location: this workshop is available in our museums in Hilversum
  • Duration: 3 hours including a break
  • Group size: maximum 30 students
  • Preparation: download the guide for school supervisors

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