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Visiting for schools

Sound & Vision has a wide range of educational arrangements for all levels, with a special focus on education. A look behind the scenes of radio and television? Being a media producer or working on media literacy in a workshop? From primary to higher education, we have an appropriate school program for every level!

Kids at the exhibit 'News or Nonsense'

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Select your level to view our workshop line up. Since all our programs are in Dutch, you'll be referred to the Dutch website.

Two people taking a test on a touchscreen

Media literacy and Sound & Vision

The role of the media is increasingly important in our society. We can hardly do without it and our communication has changed dramatically. This affects all layers of the population, in all phases of life. The term ‘media literacy’ stands for the set of competencies one needs to actively and consciously participate in the media society. Within, Sound & Vision is the national clubhouse for media literacy.

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