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Tender for our new museum starts now

Sound and Vision is renewing its museum. The tender for multimedia designers, audiovisual specialists and game designers has been published on the TED, the European public procurement portal of the EU.

The new museum will replace the Media Experience, the current permanent exhibition. It will be a hotspot, both on- and offline, for people who are interested in media culture. We anticipate to welcome 250.000 visitors per annum.

The central storyline within the new museum is that everyone has a certain position in today’s media landscape. As a consumer, as a subject of conversation, and – increasingly – as a participant or maker. The new museum lets visitors experience how this complex process works, and how today’s media world came to be. We refer to the Masterplan for a description of the scope and ambition of the new museum and to the Design Vision for the artistic concept. These documents are only available in Dutch.

The tender for multimedia designers, audiovisual specialists and game designers has been published on TenderNed (the Dutch government’s online tendering system) the 10th of April and has been published on TED today.

In this tender procedure, Sound and Vision is looking for either one agency or several creative agencies with the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver the design and realisation of interactive audiovisual programmes for the permanent museum exhibit. This includes the delivery of a mobile app. Execution will happen in-close collaboration with Sound and Vision and the other participants in the design team. Creative strategist Pieter van der Heijden (of creative agency XPEX) developed a masterplan for Sound and Vision and has final responsibility for all of art direction. Moreover, Tinker Imagineers has recently signed for creating the spatial, graphic and media design. Sound and Vision will both provide all content and manage the process of its renewal, with a team of the world’s top museum professionals.

The procurement documents, outlining the scope of the work are available online. The selection guideline, that includes the “Scope of the Commission” is available as Annex 3. For further enquiries, the contact details for this tender can be found online at TED.