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Learn all about generous interfaces

The past 12 months Sound and Vision has prototyped online collection interfaces that follow the principles of generous interfaces. This work has been done within the MediaScape research project, funded by the VOGIN fund.

Generous interfaces offer an alternative approach to the dominance of the search engine: Rich, browsable interfaces that reveal the scale and complexity of digital heritage collections

Fill out the survey 

We opened a survey to evaluate our generous interface design for online audiovisual collections among various types of users. This survey is part of the lessons-learned we are gathering as part of the final report for the project.

We welcome everyone with an interest in access to online audiovisual collections to participate in this survey. This will provide them with an opportunity to learn about generous interfaces for online audiovisual collections, while MediaScape gathers insights on its prototype from the user perspective.

The MediaScape research project has been conducted with the support of VOGIN Fonds, Stichting GOFonds and CLICKNL.