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PrestoPRIME researched and developed practical solutions for the long-term preservation of digital media objects, programmes and collections, and searched for ways to increase access by integrating the media archives with European on-line digital libraries in a digital preservation framework.

PrestoPRIME resulted in a range of tools and services, delivered through a networked Competence Centre.

In PrestoPRIME WP6, led by Sound and Vision, a virtual 'networked competence centre’ was set up to disseminate the knowledge gained in the Presto projects. This has been shaped by setting up the PrestoCentre website. On this website a European knowledge bank, guide for the audiovisual archive world and international community come together.

Within PrestoPRIME WP4 Waisda? was developed as a game to use crowdsourcing for opening up archives.

PrestoPRIME is financed within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.