Digital Heritage Network (NDE)

Digital Heritage Network

The Digital Heritage Network is a partnership that focuses on developing a system of national facilities and services to enhance the visibility, usability and sustainability of digital heritage.

The DHN's goal is to develop a national, cross-sector infrastructure of facilities to make digital heritage more visible, usable and sustainable. The National Digital Heritage Strategy promotes the reuse of digitized material and has a strong focus on users. The partnership will comprise three 2015-2016 work programmes:

  • Visible Digital Heritage will increase the visibility of collections, explore user demand, and promote the use and re-use of digital collections.
  • Usable Digital Heritage will improve the possibilities for using collections by making them jointly
  • Accessible Online, connecting and enriching data using lists of terms and thematic management, and developing targeted services.
  • Sustainable Digital Heritage will work on the cross-sector sharing, utilisation, and scaling up of facilities for sustainable preservation and access, while devoting attention to cost management and the division of duties.

Role of Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision is one of the five major national hubs that participates in the Digital Heritage Network.


Maarten Brinkerink