Media literacy English summary

The educational mission of The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision centres on the term media literacy: the total package of knowledge, skills and mentality with which citizens can consciously, critically and actively find their way through a constantly changing, complex and fundamentally mediatised world. It is therefore not surprising that education plays an important role at Sound and Vision. For the educational sector and their partners in the media literacy field, Sound and Vision has designed special cross-media programmes, services and products.

Expertise centre

State government and society engage in different initiatives to promote an awareness of media literacy among both young people and adults. These initiatives come together in the expertise centre for media literacy, Sound and Vision is a partner in this centre, along with Kennisnet, SIOB, NPO and ECP-EPN. There is also the ‘’ website, which also serves to coordinate nation-wide programmes.

sound and vision as a national club house for media literacy

As a national club house, Sound and Vision is currently the place where over 550 affiliated organisations meet to exchange information and to organise projects and events. Especially for teachers and librarians, Sound and Vision offers an ideal training in media literacy. In just three hours, this interactive training shows participants how 'media literate' they already are. Since recently there is a new exhibit in the Sound and Vision experience that is specifically dedicated to media literacy, also called 'Mediawijzer'. Here one can for instance undergo the Media Scan: a test that determines exactly how media literate one is. But one can also practice with the Media Trainer and learn how to most effectively present oneself in front of a camera.


To consolidate its function as national club house, Sound and Vision places great emphasis on conducting research projects into the development of media literacy, domestically as well as internationally. This research varies according to the needs of the different partners and of the visitors to the Sound and Vision experience. With these results, Sound and Vision seeks not only to inform but also to inspire stakeholders such as its partners and public authorities.