Users is one of the four innovation fields, or starting points for research and development. Gaining knowledge on users is essential for Sound and Vision.


A user seeks access to our collection. This can be a program maker, a researcher, or an individual looking for an excerpt from a favorite TV program. Various types of end users and a range of possible user scenarios impose specific requirements on how Sound and Vision makes its collections available. This applies to both metadata and context and search technology.

We notice niches arising within user groups and the changing prospect on access. Users no longer access only the Sound and Vision website via the homepage. This scenario is shifting to a model in which we actively bring the collections to users at other locations besides our own sites. "We need to not just be 'on the web', but we need to be 'of the web" (Seb Chan).

This makes it important to continuously gain knowledge about (changing) user requirements. Especially in the context of new technologie that affect use of audiovisual content.

This innovation field looks at use from two perspectives:

  • from the end users and user scenarios
  • from technological development


  • Creative Industry (B2B)
  • Public
  • Education
  • Scientific use
  • Social Media
  • Measurement of use
  • Trendwatching