Current projects

Sound and Vision participates in various national and international research projects. Below is an overview of the projects Sound and Vision is currently working on.

Completed projects can be found here.

AVEROS creates a scalable, automated video enhancement and restoration service in the cloud.
The Bridge Hilversum
In the project The Bridge Hilversum, an installation with a minimum of three interactive screens will be realised at different locations in Hilversum.
CLARIAH is a national project to develop a digital infrastructure to link large amounts of data and software from various humanities disciplines together and make them digitally searchable.
CogNovo is an innovative PhD program to promote research programs in the emerging field of cognitive innovation.
The Digital City Revives
In this project the start of the Dutch public space on internet, De Digitale Stad (The Digital City), is preserved and made available for current and future generations.
The DIVE+ project aims to create an innovative digital environment for context analysis and discovery of archival material for the humanities.
Europeana DSI-2
Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI)-2 connects the online collections of Europe's cultural heritage institutions.
Framing the Dutch Landscape
Framing the Dutch Landscape analyses the representation of the Dutch rural 'modernisation project' in the post World War II period (1945-1985) in the agriculture films.
The development and testing of open-source search algorithms that allow searching through large-scale media archives.
The project MijnCanon connects digital collections on the basis of canon objects and subjects.
The main objective of PREFORMA is to give heritage organizations complete control over the process of compliance testing.
Religion Renegotiated
In Religion Renegotiated: Faith-Based Organizations and the State in the Netherlands since the 1960s a historical examination of the grounding for Dutch government policy toward faith-based organizations - old and new, from all religions.
The RE:VIVE initiative brings together archives and artists to create new, meaningful material out of and inspired by the abundance of materials the reside in archives.
Talking You Through
research project on the historical and contemporary use of radio in traffic in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands from 1950 until now.
De Tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste eeuw
De Tentoonstellingsmaker van de 21ste eeuw researches the impact of an exhibition on the visitor.