A growing proportion of the cultural legacy of the last 130 years is in the form of sound and moving image recordings. If your archive, library, museum, business or organisation is responsible for any aspect of the archival management of audiovisual material, or if you have a personal or professional interest in this important part of our heritage, then you could benefit from membership in IASA. Regardless of whether you are leading the way in digital mass storage systems, or are preserving analogue technology, or perhaps you collect all types of recordings and formats, or you may be highly specialized — whatever your outlook or collection policy, it may be in your interest to become a member of IASA.


AVA_Net is an independent network organisation for audiovisual collection holders in the Netherlands. The network strengthens the position of audiovisual heritage and offers a knowledge platform.


Knowledge and innovation network CLICKNL is part of the Creative Industries Top Sector. CLICKNL brings people and resources together with the aim of making the Dutch creative industries an international leader.

Dutch Media Innovators

Dutch Media Innovators (DMI) is a consortium of several companies from the digital media and entertainment industry. As part of the government programme Partners for International Business, the consortium deals with the strengthening and expanding of activities and knowledge sharing towards the USA, with a focus on the West Coast area.



Europeana was founded to promote European digital cultural heritage and make it accessible to future generations. One of the goals is to make Europe’s cultural heritage available for reuse.


EUscreen is the expert hub for audiovisual heritage in the Europeana domain. With its network, EUscreen provides a critical mass of audiovisual content and data to Europeana, to contribute to a rich and diverse portrait of European heritage.


FIAT/IFTA is the international federation of broadcasting archives and represents more than 250 audiovisual organisations worldwide. The federation promotes international cooperation and knowledge exchange in the areas of sustainable archiving, digitization and the online availability of broadcast material.


Hilversum Media Campus

Hilversum Media Campus (HMC) is a network of media industry and education. Together, these organisations aim to create better links between media training with the demand from the media sector. Strengthening the international competitiveness of the media and ICT sector is the underlying goal.

UNESCO Memory of the World Committee Netherlands

The Memory of the World programme was started in 1992 by UNESCO and is committed to making cultural heritage - manuscripts, books, archival records, drawings and (audiovisual) documents - accessible and preserving it for the global community.

Netherlands Coalition for Digital Preservation

The Netherlands Coalition for Digital Preservation (NCDD) was founded in 2008 by organisations in the public sector that all care for and collect digital data. Knowledge exchange, access and national and international collaboration play a key role in this context.


Digital Heritage Network

The Digital Heritage Network is a partnership that focuses on developing a system of national facilities and services to enhance the visibility, usability and sustainability of digital heritage.


PrestoCentre is an international community in which experts, researchers, policymakers, public institutions and educational organizations work together to improve access to digital cultural heritage for the long term. PrestoCentre focuses on digitization and preservation through knowledge-sharing, research and the exchange of experiences.

War Resources Network

Within the War Resources Network, institutions work together to improve digital access to the Dutch collection concerning World War II. The aim of the network is to improve the usability and findability of the joint collections of the approximately 400 institutions.