Knowledge Guide

Knowledge Guide

The Knowledge Guide provides an overview of open applications that are relevant to the broader heritage field. Sound and Vision develops, maintains and uses a number of applications to manage and provide access to heritage collections, which have been collected here.

Sound and Vision has teamed up with several other Dutch organizations that manage audiovisual cultural heritage to develop the Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus voor Audiovisuele Archieven (Common Thesaurus for Audiovisual Archives, GTAA). The GTAA is used for efficient characterization of the content of audio-visual material from the archive with labels derived from a controlled and structured list of terms, a thesaurus. The GTAA is made available under the Open Database License (OdbL).

SKOS includes the development of specifications and standards for the use of knowledge organization systems (KOS), such as thesauri, classification schemes, subject systems and taxonomies within the framework of the Semantic Web. OpenSKOS is a web application based on SKOS that gives access to the APIs of SKOS. The OpenSKOS software also has an editor to manage SKOS structures.

The FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) database is a collection of free open source software relevant to the cultural heritage field. FLOSS includes:

  • applications for access to, working with or the creation of content;
  • applications for managing metadata;
  • applications for multilingual access and translation.