Guest Speakers

Photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg, CC BY 2.0

Guest Speakers

The hands-on group programme was interspersed with guest talks by specialists who showcased what kind of policy decisions they made for their organizations. The speakers for the 2017 edition were Patricia Falcão, Yvonne Ng and Josefien Schuurman.

We have live-streamed these talks in webinar form. Video registrations of the talks are available through this page.

  • Yvonne Ng

    Yvonne Ng from the Brooklyn-based human rights organization WITNESS discussed the preservation strategies the organization has implemented for its 25-year archive of human rights video filmed by activists around the globe, and how it has been sharing its lessons with a wider human rights community via workshops and training materials.

    Yvonne Ng is the Senior Archivist at WITNESS, an international organization that trains and supports people using video for human rights. In addition to managing WITNESS's media archive, she has trained and worked with numerous grassroots groups to develop realistic methods and approaches to video archiving. She holds an M.A in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation from New York University and has taught a Personal Digital Archiving course at the school. She is also a member of XFR Collective, a non-profit that provides low-cost preservation services for artists and small organizations.

  • Patricia Falcão
    Patricia Falcão from the TATE in London discussed the specificities of preserving file-based artworks within the context of TATE, and its Contemporary Art Collection. She focused on the changes to workflows and skills implemented to mitigate the risks for the preservation of this type of works. She gave an insight into what has been achieved so far, where the main difficulties are and what the conservators of TATE are hoping to achieve in the next few years.

    Patricia Falcão is a Time-based Media Conservator with a background in video and photography conservation. She has worked at TATE since 2008.
    Currently her main focus is the acquisition of time-based media artworks into the TATE Collection. She also collaborates with both the Research and Information Systems Departments in the development of TATE's strategy and infrastructure for the preservation of high value digital assets. Her main area of interest is the preservation of the digital components of contemporary artworks.
    Patricia completed her MA at the University of the Arts in Bern with a thesis on risk assessment for software-based artworks, and she continued to develop work in this field within PERICLES, a pan-European project that "aims to address the challenge of ensuring that digital content remains accessible in an environment that is subject to continual change.” 

  • Josefien Schuurman
    Josefien Schuurman from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision talked about how the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision developed a Preservation Policy and is optimizing its preservation processes continuously. In 2016 this resulted in being the first audiovisual archive being rewarded with the Data Seal of Approval. She discussed the approach and impact of the application process of certification for the organization.

    Josefien Schuurman has been working as senior project manager at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision since January 1, 2015. From 2017 onwards she is the Information Manager. Previously she worked as an independent advisor for heritage institutions and as a team manager at the National Archives of the Netherlands. She holds an MA in History and in Museum Studies.