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Adding the Second Layer to Polish Academy of Movement Documentary

When making a documentary the source materials consist of endless hours of original footage and materials. Careful editing choices leave only minutes to see for the general public. In some cases these omits are never presented to the public, depriving viewers of rich insight and the capacity to delve deeper into a certain topic. As part of Europeana Awareness, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Videodock teamed up to make a platform available that would allow broadcasters and archives to add a second-layer to documentaries, enriching them with digitized archive material. We call the platform, VidLink.

We are extremely proud and excited that the National Audiovisual Institute of Poland (NInA) has decided to make use of VidLink to enrich their documentary on Akademia Ruchu, a intedisciplinary theatre groupl in Warsaw, with content from Europeana and their own archives.

The award-winning Vidlink platform was originally developed for the Dutch NTR series Na de Bevrijding (After the Liberation). The platform has also been used as part of Europeana Awareness for Tegenlicht in de Klas, an educational series from Dutch television broadcaster, VPRO.

The Academy of Movement

With this installment of VidLink, NInA has chosen the 2006 documentary Akademia Ruchu (Academy of Movement) about the famous interdisciplinary theatre group in Warsaw that shares the same name. With this film, director Andrew Sapija attempted to capture the group’s thirty years of creative work by making use of archival footage, shots of performances, and commentary from members of the group. Narrator, Wojciech Krukowski, who was the former Director the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, artist and founder of the Academy and international arts mentor, leads the viewer through each stage of The Academy's work and presents the historical events in Poland that are inextricably tied to the group's story.

The screening of the film serves as an attempt to respond to the real need of every viewer: the desire to expand their knowledge. When one watches a documentary, they feel the urge to learn more, to immediately satisfy their curiosity about a performance mentioned in the film or to catch a glimpse of what the particular artists who appear in Academy of Movement do in their professional lives.

Adding that second layer

The Akademia Ruchu platform includes more than 20 additional archival materials, registration and snippets of performances, images that create additional virtual contexts for the recipient, encourage individual learning, especially audiovisual experience based on the selected video archives. The enrichment content comes from both Polish archives and Europeana, Europe’s online cultural hub.

We couldn’t be happier with outcome of this collaboration. Take sometime to sit an watch Akademia Ruchu, explore the translated enrichments and experience the history of one of Europe’s most important arts and theatre institutions.

More info

If you’re interested in making use of VidLink feel free to contact Gregory Markus at

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